Message from President

Honoring the firm foundation built on the credence gained through our predecessors’ persistent efforts for over a hundred years, we will challenge toward a strenuous growth for the next hundred years together with our customers and societies.

SHIMA TRADING was founded in 1904 as an importer/exporter and a wholesaler. Since then we have extensively developed our business around the world. Inheriting such tradition as a trade house, we have been specialized on chemical products business and offer the best products to customers with professional technical knowledge and qualified services. Our presence today overcoming serious hardships in the past hundred years such as the World War II, the Great Depressions, quake disasters, etc. owes all to the good faith efforts our predecessors had done and our continuing challenges toward “Creation and Innovation” to meet so rapidly changing market needs as time advances.

Furthermore, now the whole world is exposed to unprecedented social changes such as serious environmental destruction, advancement of ICT society, etc. Looking ahead to the future, we have implemented three major initiatives to address such unpredictable changes.

The first one of them is to enforce quality assurance of the goods we offer. In response to the increasing social momentum to seek safety and reassurance, we opened “Kobe Technical Center” equipped with state-of-the-art analytical instruments with which we assure the quality and the safeness of our products in addition to the assurance by the original suppliers.

The second one is to intensify our global sales network. Our company has established our sales bases in the U.S. and Europe since long before. Now in addition to that we are consolidating the sales network in Asia where the regional economy is growing quite rapidly. Our sales network is serving for not only Japanese overseas affiliated operations but also local enterprises. From here on, a closer organic linkage will be established among those network bases to foster sharing of information that we believe will demonstrate our strong presence in the global market.

The third one is a value enhancing for customers. We will build a more organically integrated system in the company which can effectively exert the capabilities each of our business sections such as sales, R&D, lab, logistics, etc. has. We also enhance cultivating our human resources which will be the real base for creating innovative and competitive advantages.

With these new challenges and the credence built among our customers and the societies through the past hundred years operation, we will strive for the next hundred years’ growth and commit to contribute to ripening the fruit that is an affluent society.

President and CEO

Shinichiro Taki