CSR・環境活動 CSR & Environmental Activities


Basic Philosophy (Corporate Ethics Charter)

We cognize the significance of social responsibility of the business on managing an organization. So we conduct ourselves with common-sense and integrity and practice our company’s creed that is “Creation and Innovation”.

Based on the Corporate Ethics Charter we set our major rules of conduct as follows:
Basic Policy (Corporate Code of Conduct)

  1. We will make every effort to build customers’ satisfaction and trust by delivering safe and high quality commodities and services created based on our rich experiences cultivated by the traditions in our long history.
  2. We comply with all the applicable laws and regulations upon conducting the business. We also commit to follow fair competition and affordable transactions, to protect and respect our own intellectual properties and those of third parties’ as well, and to pay full attention to privacy and customer information.
  3. We maintain sound and normal relations with the politics and the governments.
  4. We understand that it is one of the upmost agendas common to all humanity to maintain the global environment, and we will conduct our business in a manner to cooperate proactively for conservation of the global environment.
  5. We respect personality and individuality of each staff member, and provide safe workplace and open atmosphere which facilitates breakthrough and creativity of the people.
  6. We make efforts as “good corporate citizen” to contribute actively to the society.
  7. We commit not to have any connection with antisocial circles or groups and not to have any profit sharing with them.
  8. Upon conducting international business, we not only comply fully with international rules and local legal restraints but also respect local culture and habitual practices and thus contribute to their growth.