CSR・環境活動 CSR & Environmental Activities


Base of Compliance

Since its foundation SHIMA has made “Creation and Innovation” as the company’s creed. We aim at contributing extensively to the society through our business activities, responding our customers’ credence.
Upon doing business widely in the world as a specialized trade house we respect the laws and culture of the countries we are concerned. We assume that the base of compliance is to make a social contribution worldwide.

Activities on the Compliance

Compliance with social rules is one of the prerequisites for a company to do business persistently. Any corporate management is required to carry sound business activities with high morality while complying with public laws and company’s rules based on the code of corporate ethics and conduct. Hence we, SHIMA, have set the compliance as one of the upmost issues the management to address.
More specifically we are conducting our business activities based on the compliance code which stipulates the philosophy and fundamental guideline on the compliance as stated below:

【Compliance Code】
  • Human rights must be respected first, so discrimination and sexual harassment are strictly prohibited.
  • Private monopoly, unreasonable restraint of trade (cartel) and unfair trade are prohibited,
  • Dishonest competition, manufacture and sale of illegal commodities and unrightful acquiring of trade secrets are prohibited,
  • All the applicable legal restraints must be observed including obtaining of all the required approvals and licenses,
  • Compliance of the trade laws and regulations and the international pacts, and practicing of rightful import/export protocol must be followed,
  • Proactive participating in the global environment conservation must be practiced,
  • Infringing intellectual property rights of others is strictly prohibited,
  • Any bribery as well as gifts or entertainments beyond the socially accepted standards are prohibited,
  • Any illegal payoffs to antisocial forces are prohibited,
  • Management of information must be exercised properly,
  • Information systems must be used in a proper manner,
  • Insider trading is prohibited,
  • Any conflict-of-interest transactions are prohibited,
  • Proper accounting, correct tax reporting and disclosure of exact company information must be undertaken.
【Training of Compliance】

Our CSR Office prepares “CSR Training Program” every year at its beginning to provide the employees proper knowledge and understanding with regard to the compliance. The office carries education and training of the employees according to this program, and submits the result of those activities to the management as “CSR Training Report”.